Promoting private Indian business development by maximizing and developing resources that encourage and support Montana Indian Entrepreneurs.

Montana Indian Business Alliance

MIBA’s partners are comprised of organizations and entities that are interested in Indian business development. They include tribal organizations, tribal governments, state government, non-profits, tribal colleges, Indian owned businesses, Governor Schweitzer’s office, lending institutions, consulting firms, consumer credit advocacy agencies, community development agencies, the Federal Reserve Bank and federal agencies.


The Montana Indian Business Alliance (MIBA) is an action entity that agreed to join forces after the first-ever Montana Indian Business Conference in February, 2006. Support for Indian-owned businesses both off and on Montana Indian reservations is critical. MIBA was formed by individuals who recognize that on-reservation Indian economies and off-reservation Indian economies (Little Shell, for example) need specifically tailored assistance.

 If you agree with MIBA’s mission and can commit to regular and continued involvement please fill out the MIBA Partner Form to become a valued Partner.


Your partnership in MIBA is a call to action. Participation in MIBA is based upon your willingness to follow through on your commitments and your regular and continued involvement. If you agree with our mission and can commit to regular and continued involvement please fill out all items in the form below to become a MIBA Partner. Find out who has already partnered with Montana Indian Business Alliance by viewing the MIBA Partner List.